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Get Active Directory pictures in Windows 10

I’ve been working on implementing Windows 10 at a company. One goal is to have Windows 8 and 10 clients pull the pictures from Active Directory to the users local profiles.

Hyper-V cannot back up VMs with Dynamic discs

This issue has multiple potential causes, usually related to the Integration Services version of the failing guest server. This issue occurs when Application-Aware image processing is utilized in the Backup or Replication job settings for transactional quiescence using Microsoft VSS.

The 100th post, it’s time for SSL!

So this is the 100th post on heineborn.com. When I started the site the idea was that it would be a journal where I could keep bookmarks and solutions for reoccurring issues.

In essence that is still true, but with over 100’000 visitors last year you can hardly call it private anymore…