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Office 365

Change Calendar Permissions in Office 365

Joakim March 20, 2014

Per default the calendars of shared mailboxes in Office 364 have “FreeBusyTimeOnly” permissions applied.
You could create a new sharing policy and change the applied policy on those accounts.

I however chose to just change the sharing permissions on the shared calendar.


PowerShell: List newly created users

Joakim February 24, 2014

To help prevent detect malicious behavior I usually implement different scripts or other monitoring features in my customers environments.

One of the snippets I frequently use is one that detects newly created accounts.


Change default OU for computers in AD

Joakim February 14, 2014

There are several reasons to change the default organizational unit of computers that join the domain.
The default OU (domain.local\Computers) cannot be linked with GPOs, and should be avoided since its builtin.

Win95 Launch

Microsoft OS Versions

Joakim December 19, 2013

I recently ran into a GPO problem. My customer wanted to delegate different group policy settings on clients within a specific OU.
The OU contained numerous versions of Windows and all versions had different, OS version specific, settings.


Windows 2012 listening on port 80 fix

Joakim October 30, 2013

First of all, the way http.sys works on newer Windows versions is a very useful feature.

The reason behind http.sys is to have a single system service that listens on the all-important port 80 and be a mediator to different applications and services…

Office 365

Connect Powershell to Office 365

Joakim October 21, 2013

The GUI at Microsoft is great but sometimes we need to dig a bit deeper.

I ran into some issues with a Resource mailbox and had to do some troubleshooting in the Office 365 service.

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