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Deploy this boot image from the PXE service point

Matching Processor Architecture Boot Image not found

Joakim November 8, 2012

Our Distribution Point crashed and gave us Hash Mismatch on pretty much all my Applications, Programs and Updates. After this was resolved we started having issues with PXE…

Event 8193 VSS

Volume Shadow Copy and DHCP issue

Joakim October 2, 2012

After installing DHCP on Windows Server 2008 R2, you may start to see an error message in the event logs. Inspection of the detailed tab of the event log entry will show information about the process that generated the error…


Setting Option 66 and 67 for DHCP

Joakim October 2, 2012

To get PXE working on a server that is running both DHCP and WDS you need to enable option 66 and option 67. These settings will help your connecting clients to find the appropriate PXE server.

Error 0x2740

Problems starting WDS after PXE is enabled in SCCM

Joakim October 2, 2012

After setting up a new DHCP server I enrolled the DP role and enabled PXE. However the WDS role would not start, giving me Error 0x2740.