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Recover files from Previous Version/Shadowcopy

Joakim November 15, 2013

By default, shadow copy will save a copy of your files once a day, or triggered into action such as when installing an update or new program.

This is all managed by the Windows Task Scheduler. By making some changes to the ‘System Restore’ schedule you can create more frequent backups of documents…

Home Folder

Verifying Domain User Home Directory

Joakim March 20, 2013

Some administrators prefer to do everything manually, other automated. I have always preferred to have as much as possible automated or at least set up with a script so the action can easily be repeated without varying end results.

I have written a script which verifies that all users that should have a home folder has one, and that it has the appropriate permissions.

Advanced Security Settings

Fix Users Homefolder Permissions

Joakim January 15, 2013

The script will look through the a selected Organization Unit and verify that all users have a Home Directory set, and that it has the appropriate NTFS permissions.
Previously all users had Full-permissions on their home folder, which led to the users resetting permissions and removing unwanted permissions (Backup or Admin accounts) to their “private” stuff.


Write Folder Metadata via Powershell

Joakim October 31, 2012

The last few days I’ve been working with Powershell. The idea behind this function is to customize folders. In my case I needed to make sure that the file path does not contain spaces, yet show user friendly folder names to the end user.

Share Properties

Access-based enumeration in Windows Server 2012

Joakim October 12, 2012

Yesterday I migrated our main file server to Windows Server 2012.
Noticed that Access-based enumeration was not working, I couldnt find the setting to re-enable it, or any good information on the web as to where it had gone.