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Office 365

Connect Powershell to Office 365

Joakim October 21, 2013

The GUI at Microsoft is great but sometimes we need to dig a bit deeper.

I ran into some issues with a Resource mailbox and had to do some troubleshooting in the Office 365 service.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

Install Updates on Exchange Server 2010 DAG

Joakim June 25, 2013

To update the DAG members with new patches the process should be managed to prevent all of the DAG members from being offline at the same time.

You can move the active mailbox databases off a particular server so that it can be patched, and if necessary rebooted, without causing any downtime for mailbox users on that database.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

How to Export Mailboxes with Exchange Server 2010 SP1

Joakim June 4, 2013

Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 1 introduced a new method for exporting mailboxes called Mailbox Export Requests. This new method replaces the previous Export-Mailbox command.
Before we look at how to create a new mailbox export request in Exchange 2010 SP1 there are a few things that you should understand.

Powershell Mail

Sending Emails via Powershell

Joakim November 16, 2012

Lately I’ve been setting up a back-end script for one of our customers. The full script creates Domain users, generates passwords and emails the manager/CEO the user information.

This post will only contain the Email function, more functions will be posted later.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

Allow End Users To Manage Exchange 2010 Distribution Groups

Joakim October 26, 2012

While you can perform granular assignments in Exchange 2010, there are also Predefined Role Groups that you can use if you want an easier way of assigning permissions to end users.

Mailbox in 2013

Add additional Mailbox in Outlook 2013

Joakim October 26, 2012

Adding an Additional Mailbox in Outlook 2013 is very similar to the process for Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010…

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