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wbadmin failure

Windows Backup failing on TrueCrypt drive

Joakim January 28, 2014

There are numerous backup solutions out there for Windows and they come in many different forms.
There are two “types” of backup supported by the “Windows Backup and Restore Center” (WBRC).

Office 365

Connect Powershell to Office 365

Joakim October 21, 2013

The GUI at Microsoft is great but sometimes we need to dig a bit deeper.

I ran into some issues with a Resource mailbox and had to do some troubleshooting in the Office 365 service.

Forgot Password

Breaking into a Windows box

Joakim September 14, 2013

Do you ever get that sinking feeling, when you’ve forgotten the root password to your test lab?  Again?

I hate it too!  So I decided to figure out a way around it, using a work around…

SCCM 2012 RevoDrive

SCCM 2012, RevoDrive and 0x800700A1

Joakim February 20, 2013

Lately I’ve been struggling with deploying Windows 7 via SCCM 2012 to a workstation running a RevoDrive as primary storage. Right now the MDT scripts do not seem to think that the card is bootable.

Cannot install or request software

Application Installation Error 0x87D00607

Joakim December 4, 2012

I ran into this issue when switching between our production and test environment. If you’re receiving the 0x87D00607 error you are most likely connected to a network/site which does not have a Configuration Manager Boundary or Boundary Group.

Last Installation Error 53

SCCM Client Installation Error 53

Joakim November 30, 2012

If you’re having trouble deploying the SCCM client and you’re getting Error 53 you should verify that the Client Installation account is local administrator and that Remote administration is turned on.

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