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Set UDA as Local adminstrator via Task Sequence

Make Primary User Local Admin via Task Sequence

Joakim January 10, 2013

I set up a small script which adds the username supplied during OSD to the local administrative group instead, which you could run from a TS.
This way only the Primary User gets elevated privileges over their own PC.

VB Script

SCCM 2012 Back-end scripting

Joakim September 20, 2012

Here is the back end script that does all of the work. I’ve made some comments on the script in efforts to keep this post less wordy and more scripty.
Again if you have any specific questions please let me know.


Setting ComputerName during OS deployment

Joakim September 20, 2012

Deployment solution based on SCCM 2012 intregrated with MDT 2012. The idea was to set up a User Driven Installation (UDI) so the IT department would have to do as little as possible during the installation process.
Part of this solution was to manage the clients names, we decided to use the serial number as an identifier…

UDA Wizard Page

User Device Affinity with MDT 2012 UDI

Joakim September 18, 2012

As part of MDT 2012 UDI there is a new wizard page for setting User Device Affinity as part of the task sequence as well as a designer page for configuring the UDA page. The User Device Affinity wizard page is…


UDI WelcomePage is blank

Joakim September 11, 2012

After editing the UDIWizard_Config.xml file and updating my Distribution points the UDI wizard would no longer let me through.

I edited the welcome text to something a bit more personal than the standard version, however there seems to be a limitation in UDI…

UDI Wizard

Applications via UDI in MDT 2012

Joakim August 28, 2012

A customer requested a Lite touch installations process with the ability to change the computers name, OU’s and application setup. Here’s a quick guide how to get the applications to work.