Access-based enumeration in Windows Server 2012

Yesterday I migrated our main file server to Windows Server 2012.
After setting up the permissions I noticed that Access-based enumeration was not working.

In this environment I’m not running DFS since there is only one File server.
I could not initially find the Access-based enumeration setting, or any good information on the web.

First you need to add the File And Storage Services role to the server and reboot the server.
Then go to File And Storage Services in System Manager.

Press Shares, select your shared folder, right-click and press Properties.

Under Settings you will find the Enable access-based enumeration-setting.
Enable it and Apply your changes.

If this helped you let me know! :)

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  • This definitely helped me – I am trying to revise my lab projects for 2012, and no Share and Storage Management (except under Remote Access Tools) so I was lost on how to do it!!! This really helped.

    January 6, 2013 — 23:16
  • This totally helped. Strange that this is enabled by default on 2K8 but not 2012.
    Thanks alot.

    February 25, 2013 — 8:13
  • LedHed

    Thanks! Couldn't find this and it was driving me nuts.

    March 1, 2013 — 21:09
  • Joakim

    Glad I could help!
    / J

    March 3, 2013 — 20:25
    • Greg

      Hi Joakim,

      I have followed the directions above.

      but a user account that I am testing this with still sees the shares.

      what would you suggest

      March 30, 2013 — 2:39
      • Joakim

        Hi Greg,
        Have you verified via Effective Permissions that the user(s) do not have permissions to the folder?

        / Joakim

        April 2, 2013 — 10:15
  • ABE does not hide the share only the files and folders to which the user has no access i.e. at least read (NTFS) cheers

    April 3, 2013 — 15:57
  • Thanks for sharing this. Very helpful as I'm setting up a RDS server with roaming profiles for users and couldn't find this option on the 2012 server.

    June 16, 2013 — 10:24
  • JohnF

    Perfect, this is what I was looking for! Thank you Joakim!

    October 15, 2013 — 22:33
  • DarkLurker

    I'm migrating from a Novell system to Windows/AD, and don't yet know where all the nooks and crannies are that MS hid their settings. Like you said, there's not much info on this out on the Internet, so your post here is very helpful. So thanks a bunch.

    December 27, 2013 — 17:05
    • Joakim

      Hey DarkLurker,

      Welcome to the Microsoft-universe! If you need help or find other interesting articles that relate to what we write about please let us know.

      Best regards,

      December 28, 2013 — 16:47
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